English Expression with Enjoyment and Ease with Sultana Raza

In our English groups, we tell funny stories, have many lively conversations, hot debates etc. We also discuss local and international news items, and discuss social issues. We talk about a hobby, participate in a quiz, or play detective in a mystery story.


We go out on excursions, for example, to have English tea, to discuss the finer points of art exhibitions in museums or art galleries.

On a lighter note, we share traveller’s tales, swap shopping stories, and learn how to use everyday expressions. Whether it’s interviewing a British ex-pat, playing a guessing game with mime artists, or discussing scenes from a film, we dip in the Anglophone culture on Wednesday afternoons.

The teacher, Sultana Raza, with over twelve years of experience, is looking forward to learning new facts about Luxembourg from you too!

Get over your fear of speaking in English in a light atmosphere. Improving your English can be fun, easy and enjoyable.

Cours pour avancés

 Date :                           mercredi après-midi

 Début :                         Cours Online 

Horaire :                      de 14:30 – 16:00 heures

Cours pour intermédiaires

 Date :                           mercredi après-midi


Horaire :                      de 16:00 – 17:30 heures

Lieu :                           Club Haus Am Becheler

Prix :    110 € pour 10 cours

 Veuillez vous inscrire par téléphone ou email et verser votre participation de  110  € sur le compte BGL LU14 0030 3939 3148 0000 Haus Am Becheler avec la mention « Cours anglais avancés / intermédiaires».