Face Yoga with Kim Marel-Ronin

Does your face need exercise?

The answer is yes if you want to:


Diminish and prevent wrinkles -tone, sculpt and lift the face

Correct facial asymmetry -improve posture

Boost self-confidence -slow down the aging process or reverse some of it’s effects


Face Yoga works out the face muscles by combining facial movements, upper-body postures and breathing. You get all the benefits of body exercise and more. Get results, no matter your age.


June 8 – Lower Face Toning

Fight Gravity. Combat double chin, “turkey neck,” sagging jowls and jaw tension with this all-over face toning workshop. Whether you have experience or are new to Face Yoga, you will learn core exercises to strengthen, tone and relax the entire face.


Please bring a bottle of water with you!



Dates:           8.6.2019

Time:            10.00-11.30 Uhr

Price:            20€ per session, sessions may be booked individually

Place:           Club Haus am Brill



Inscription au téléphone 30 00 01 ou par E-Mail clubsenior@mamer.lu

Après votre inscription, veuillez verser votre participation sur le compte BGL LU49 0030 3218 9179 0000 Club Haus Am Brill avec la mention de l’activité