Face Yoga with Kim Marel-Ronin


Does your face need exercise?

We know that exercising the body helps us look more youthful and feel better both physically and mentally. With Face Yoga we can get those same benefits and more just by exercising the muscles in the face!

Face Yoga, the 100% natural combination of facial movements, upper-body posture and breathing, is back with three new workshops.


January 19 – Face Yoga When You Are Ill

These Face Yoga exercises can help rid toxins and help relieve congestion and headache. They also lift your mood. Perfect for when you’re not feeling well, or you need a little pick-me-up.


February 9 – All Over Toning

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced face yogi, you will practice core exercises to strengthen and relax all areas of the face.


March 16 – The Forehead Foremost

The forehead is the largest muscle in the head and face. Learn exercises to lift, relax and de-stress this area. Your whole face (and body) will benefit.


The exercises are simple, yet effective, so you can begin at any age and do them almost anywhere. Whether you want to slow down the aging process or reverse some of its effects.


Please bring a bottle of water with you!


Datum:          19.1.+9.2.+16.3.2019

Uhrzeit:          10.00-11.30 Uhr

Preis:              20€ je Atelier- einzeln buchbar!

Ort:                 Club Haus am Brill


Anmeldung per Telefon 30 00 01 oder E-Mail Clubsenior@mamer.lu

Veuillez vous inscrire par téléphone ou email et verser votre participation sur le compte BGL LU49 0030 3218 9179 0000 Club Haus Am Brill avec la mention du cours