Spinning with Laura Roof of LAHURO

Try out the lasting practice of spinning yarn. In the first of this three-part class we will explore the elements of how twist, staple length and fiber type combine to produce different styles of yarn.  The follow up classes are provided for troubleshooting and time for finishing your yarn.

In collaboration with the knitting classes of Laure Faber (WoolInspires), your final knit piece will be one of a kind.

100g of hand dyed fiber and spindle to keep – included


125 euro for the 3 day class



Uhrzeit:         Spinning class 10.00-12.00 Uhr

Ort:                 Club Haus am Brill

Preis:              125€ für 3x



Anmeldung per Telefon 30 00 01 oder E-Mail Clubsenior@mamer.lu

Veuillez vous inscrire par téléphone ou email et verser votre participation sur le compte BGL LU49 0030 3218 9179 0000 Club Haus Am Brill avec la mention du cours